A Visit to the Neon District

When I first read the instructions for the photo challenge, I decided quickly that I was going to use it as an excuse to visit the Neon District. Down in Norfolk, I knew I would be able to find a multitude of unique art pieces while still practicing social distancing guidelines. The art that is in the Neon District is all around you when you visit, making it a perfect place to take photos quickly. The first plan I made was to go Saturday morning and publish my photos that night; however, my mother needed my assistance yesterday, so I ended up going today instead. Because I was going to be posting and editing all in one day, I mapped out the areas I wanted to shoot in on the way there, which made taking the photos much more straightforward. My brother and father joined me to keep time and track the photos I had taken. The best photos I got today were my motion shot, the single color shot, and my futuristic shot. My futuristic shot is more abstract, but I liked the story it told. I wanted to express time passing with the image, and I thought that the new looking paint contrasting with the flaking old sign did so perfectly. For my motion shot, I crouched down and walked adjacent to my brother. My color shot was the simplest one I just loved how bright the building was in comparison to the rest of the buildings. The most inventive photo I had was my abstract “is this a photo?” picture. For this photo, I was able to use the “Cementiscope,”; a sculpture made by the Glassitorium’s Public Art Commission.

Learn more about the neon district here!
This is the sculpture that gave me the awesome shot!

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