This week’s Daily Creates!

To start the week, I posted where I stored my mask in my room. Like I said, I keep mine with my vitamins and lotion. My mother found a set of them on amazon, and since masks are going to be a staple for the next few months, we are going to make some with leftover fabric.

This one was a fun one! I apparently I say crayon differently than my parents. I pronounce it with one syllable “cran” while they pronounce it with two syllables “cray-an” and “cray-on.” I had to pull up this regional dialect map to prove that I wasn’t wrong!

Since we haven’t gone grocery shopping in a couple of weeks, I did not realize that my sister was indulging in my tea if I had known I would have purchased decaf! Since the summer started, I have begun to make my sweet tea, so I’ve been experimenting with different brands to see which one works best.

For my spell, I decided to go with “Snapicto.” I wanted to create a period that involved my love of photography. My idea was that with this spell, you could take pictures without access to a camera.

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