Midweek Summary

“Making distinctions is part of learning. So is making mistakes.”

Nancy Gibbs

So when I sent the URL for this post, I had accidentally set it up as an unpublished page. Owning up to my mistakes is extremely important to me, so other than this little blurb and the quote, this is my original paragraph.

At the start of the week, I was having some issues with my computer, which meant I could not work on WordPress for the majority of the past two days; however, with the limited time I have had, I accomplished a fair amount of work. As of today, the only account I have completely running is Twitter. Youtube is a close second, but my video has been “uploading” since earlier today, which means I’ll probably be uploading media when I am at the library. I am working troubleshooting the issues on Flickr and Soundcloud and will hopefully have them up and running by tomorrow afternoon. Overall I have immensely enjoyed working on customizing my website. For my theme, I decided to go with a minimalistic feminine style. I am still experimenting with color, but I was able to make an icon (I am attaching below) for my site that I will base my color scheme off. I’m still learning how to insert photos and embedding as been causing some trouble, but in general, I am pleased with what I have created.

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